OUR APPROACH: Dennis Wise Golf Course Design is a golf course architecture firm with offices in Phoenix and London. Currently, the firm is working on projects in the mainland United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our objective is to secure a limited number of clients committed to developing a quality golf course and community. The golf course that emerges is determined not only by our commitment to quality golf, but by our client’s commitment as well. This is a people business, so an upstanding partnership with our clients is crucial.

We lead the land planning effort as the routing of golf holes imparts the personality of the golf course and community. As we take technical, financial and environmental factors into consideration we then produce a complete, comprehensive design development package.

The character and personality of a golf course are not determined by our plans alone, because a golf course is not static. The unique features within our golf courses evolve from Dennis’ onsite presence, through laborious attention to details and iterations. This, combined with Dennis’ enthusiasm for the game of golf and partnership with his client, elevates the potential and success for every golf course.