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Estancia Golf Club: The Pinnacle of Golf

GOLFINC November 1996

Estancia Golf Club: The Pinnacle of Golf:

Excerpt… Dennis Wise says he couldn’t label a signature hole at Estancia. “That’s like saying which is your favorite kid,’” he says. “I became emotionally involved with each hole,” Wise says.

He lined up with a group of journalists to play on the club’s media day and every hole was named as a favorite one by at least one of the golfers. Some like the long-range views, others liked seeing Pinnacle Peak.

Unlike some other desert courses, Estancia does not penalize a player if he makes a good shot. “It’s forgiving but challenging from the back tees,” Lang says. The 6th hole is a good example of risk-reward golf. If a golfer plays up the swale that runs the length of the right side near a fairway bunker, he or she is rewarded with the best approach into the partially blind green. However, if the hole is played to the safe left side, the approach requires a shot over bunkers to a green slope that fades away.

“The course shows the vision that John Lang had in developing Estancia,” Wise says. “He allowed us to route the golf course where we felt it would naturally fit in with lots.”

Wise described his toughest task: “Once we got permits, it was trying to find places to put cart paths. We went through great expense to hide the paths,” he says.

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